Translation Fields

special_translations11. MEDICAL- Patients’ case histories, medical reports and opinions, hospitalization receipts, scientific articles, preparation for hospitalization abroad etc

2. TECHNICAL- Technical descriptions and instruction manuals, manuals of domestic appliances, construction equipment and industrial machinery etc.

3. LAW- Contracts, corporate statutes, court decisions, deeds, proxies

4. CERTIFICATES - Certificates of marriage, birth, death, of pensions, of customs clearances, driving licenses, conscription certifications, language certificates etc.

5. RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES- Studies of installations of photovoltaic power stations, studies of wind parks, studies of installations of geothermical energy, studies of waste recycling, of waste combustion and waste landfill etc.

6. FINANCE - Economic studies, analysis and balance sheets.

7. CONSTRUCTIONS - Building studies, technical descriptions of buildings and industrial installations, studies of premises, waterworks and drainages etc.


8. WEBSITES - Specialized translations adapted to your readers in order to sell products and services